EAP 2021 Presentation and Training Topics

Live Well Counseling Center offers professional and personal skill development training on a variety of topics that are relevant and essential to well-being and success. LWCC providers have a vast knowledge base spanning from human resources, organizational development and organizational psychology. We use evidence-based and  research-based research and interventions when developing our presentation curriculum.

Presentations can be delivered on-site in person or through live webinar. All presentation will end with a brief    instructions on how to access their EAP benefits.

The further in advance you schedule your presentation, the more likely we will be able to accommodate the date and time you are requesting. A minimum of 4 weeks is preferred.


Be Kind to your Mind: Mental Health Awareness Reports tell us that close to 1 in 4 of our workforce is struggling with a mental health issue, and this trend continues to grow each year. This program will help to define why mental health is so important, recognizing mental health issues and practical things that can be done to care for our own mental health and helping to support those around us. 

Combating Burnout in a Digital Age Job burnout is a special type of workrelated stress — a state of physical or emotional exhaustion that also involves a sense of reduced accomplishment and loss of personal identity. It shouldn’t be viewed as a sign of weakness but a sign to take a step back to evaluate. Job burnout can affect your physical and mental health. Participants will consider how to know if you've got job burnout and learn ways to overcome this state.

Life Purpose Planning- Goal Setting

Change Your Thoughts, Change your Life: Creating a Positive Workforce Conventional wisdom insists that if only we do X or own Y or achieve Z then life will bless us with happiness. Research in the field of positive psychology, however, reveals that conventional wisdom is dead wrong. Happiness isn’t the fruit of success, it’s the soil in which success blooms. This program will reveal principles of happiness and specific strategies for leveraging the power of these principles at work.

Health Living and Self-Care: Creating a Work Life Balance In our “always on” culture, achieving a healthy, satisfying life demands that you master the complex interplay between desires and responsibilities. The program will help you accept the time and energy limitations imposed on you, clarifying what’s really important, and providing tips, tools, and techniques for channeling the time and energy you do have into building habits that will achieve the results you want

Work Smarter, Not Harder: Time Management & Self Motivation  You can’t “manage” time. However, you can manage yourself and the amount of skill, attention, and effort you devote to any given task. During this program, you will learn how to effectively manage your own behavior, and discover how best to leverage your resources in order to accomplish what is truly important to you. The more leaders can accomplish, the more they give their organization the change to thrive. This program can help you achieve success by demonstrating how to break big daunting tasks into smaller manageable ones, start tasks and build momentum in projects, build small success that ignite and sustain motivation and finally wake up every day with a plan of action that will maximize your day. 

Building Emotional Intelligence In the struggle for long-term success and happiness, Emotional Intelligence (EQ) beats Intelligence Quotient (IQ) by a knockout. Learn: what EQ really is and how it differs from IQ; why it’s important to your success and happiness; and what you can do to cultivate this critical life skill. 

Cultivating A Growth Mindset Do you believe that your genes dictate your intelligence and control creativity? This program draws on the latest findings in neuroscience to help you develop a “growth mindset” – a new way of thinking that can instill in you a passion for learning, a readiness to embrace change and the courage to persist in the face of any challenge. 

Managing Personality Conflicts Even in tightly-knit organizations personality conflicts will arise. Learning to manage these is a leadership skill you need to master. This program explores why personality conflicts occur; how to prevent them; what to do if you find yourself a party to the conflict; and how to deal with conflicts between two employees, between one person and a group, and between teams.

Sexual Harassment: How to Recognize and Prevent We live in a society that bombards us with sex. It’s in the movies, on TV, on magazine covers, and on the internet. This program defines sexual harassment and how the law interprets “reasonable personal standard.” This session provides rules to prevent harassment, and how to constructively confront situations when you or others are being harassed. 

Substance Use Aswareness for Employees No business is immune to the countless problems that alcohol and drug use can cause. Individuals who use substances are employed, and when they arrive for work, they don’t leave their problems outside the door. Identify and understand substance use, as well as take a look at the most commonly used and abused substances, including prescriptions

Everyday Diversity When most of us think of diversity, we think of race, age, sex, religion, etc. – obvious categories covered by employment law. However, diversity also includes generational, cultural, and work style differences. This program will help you to leverage diversity and produce more productivity and greater opportunity for all.

Preventing Compassion Fatigue ( For Healthcare Professionals) The very thing that drew you into the healthcare profession can affect your level of hope and optimism, and result in emotional and physical exhaustion. Clarify what compassion fatigue is, identify signs, symptoms, who’s most vulnerable, and explore new ways of thinking and behaving that can help you prevent or cope with compassion fatigue. 

Coping with Change Change is everywhere and it’s inevitable. How you choose to handle changes in your life can make life easier or harder, it’s your choice. This session will explore common reactions to change, the personal factors that influence those reactions, and ways to boost your resiliency.

Bouncing Back: Building Resilency Resilience is the ability to “bounce back” and cope with life events, both negative (e.g., health problems, unemployment, and divorce) and positive (e.g., birth of a child, anniversaries, etc.). This program will help you to assess your current level of resiliency, understand the traits resilient people exhibit, and learn ways to become more resilient.

Developong An Everyday Wellness Plan Life can get confusing and it’s very easy to miss a turn or get lost. Sometimes we just need a map! That’s what a wellness plan is—a map to living a more balanced and healthy life. This program will help you outline a step-by- step program to keep your day, and life, on course. 

Anger Management: Employees are your most valuable asset and most are solid citizens. There are a few, however, whose conduct ignites unproductive conflict and injects unnecessary drama into your workday. They erode morale, sabotage productivity, and threaten profitability. This program is designed to help put a stop to their unacceptable behavior. 

Keeing it Clean: Understanding & Respecting  Professional Boundaries.Being professional can be as simple as saying, “please” and “thank you”. Y o u r character and positive attitude can go a long way to not only enhance individual performance, but provide a good foundation for morale, team work, and ultimately, business results.