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Relationships in the Workplace

Human beings are naturally social creatures. And when you consider that we spend one-thir of our livew at work, it's clear that good relationships with colleagues will make our jobs more enjoyable.  The more comfortable co-workers are around one other, the more confident they'll feel voicing opinions, brainstorming, and going along with new ideas, for example. This level of teamwork is essential to embrace change, create, and innovate.

Relationships in the Workplace and How these Contribute to our Mental Health - webinar


Working Parents - Webinar on How to Support Ourself and Our Children's Mental Health

Grow Your Mind has taken the latest research of positive psychology, neuroscience, social and emotional learning and public health and created a comprehensive mental health education program for pre and primary school children, their educators and their families.
Parenting Zero to Three: Our approach to supporting parents is based on the belief that parents are the true experts on their children, and that there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to raising children. The information and tools we offer are designed to support parents in developing their own ways to promote their children’s growth and development.
Child Trauma Academy: The ChildTrauma Academy is a Community of Practice working to improve the lives of high-risk children through education, research and the dissemination of innovation.


Substance Use & the Workplace 

Substance Use and the Workplace Webinar

Supporting a Loved-one through a Mental Health Crisis

Preventing Burnout

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